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is a graphic and industrial designer and illustrator, studying Industrial Design at the Technical University Eindhoven.

I design to be loud.  As a queer autistic person with BPD, I have had my voice stolen by society, and I aim to reclaim it back through high-contrast aesthetics and first person perspectives in my designs.

I am worker-owner at the co-op of Bogfolk, and have developed Lichoma: A Card-based Meatpunk TTRPG together with them, which has been nominated for an Indie Groundbreaker award for graphic design.

I make a range of art and graphic design as commissions for various projects, and host a Creative Comrades library with art to use for free, provided you're not a megacorp or millionaire.

Also, I just make stuff because I enjoy making stuff.

Dare to defy. Art and work are political.




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